Für alle, die gerne mitsingen/mitspielen wollen, hier die Lyrics/Chords

[Verse 1]

These days I’ve reread children’s stories
Wondered why they had to end
At the peak of people’s glories
Now I guess I understand
Gotta wake up from my dreams

[Verse 2]
At the summers of our lives
Nature tells us to grow leaves
So that in winter’s cold embrace
We might delve in memories
A creeping numbness haunts my sleep
Distorting my most sacred dreams

Am      E
Am      E

Am                                C                 F C
When autumn winds shake this tree
Am                                         E E7 E
How could I be evergreen, no
Am                                    C               F C
At spring break’s dawn, you shall see
Am                        E  E7  E
We might dream anew
Am    G   E  E/F  E   E/G (4x)
So let go

[Verse 3]
Frozen in a smile, I am waiting
Longing for the sun to shine
Where’s that light, it looked so promising
It could happen that I die
Just don’t you cry

[Verse 4]
Now you walk with solemn faces
Singing songs you used to hate
And people caring nothing for you
Smile and take your hand
Oh don’t you stay awake and cry
I am sleeping well tonight


[Verse 5]

Winter days might last for ages
Though they also have to pass
And with the changing of the seasons
Forever on we shall march
Rainbows glitter along the way
When earthly bonds have been unmade

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