Update 19.6.2018: Meine Schwester war vor ein paar Tagen da, und wir haben einige der Songs neu aufgenommen: 1, 4, 5 und 8. Viel Freude damit ­čÖé

Seit vor einiger Zeit die Idee entstanden ist, mal (semi-)professionell eine CD aufzunehmen, habe ich mal meine alten Texte/Lieder durchforstet, und versucht, da einige auszuw├Ąhlen, die halbwegs sinnvoll zusammenpassen. Die Reihenfolge folgt dabei grob dem universellen Entwicklungskreislauf, ├╝ber den ich bereits viel geschrieben habe.

Unl├Ąngst habe ich dann mal einen Tag damit verbracht, diese Lieder mit Hilfe einer Loopstation f├╝r mich aufzunehmen. Auch wenn die Qualit├Ąt jetzt nicht so der Hit ist, die Aufnahmen sind trotzdem ganz annehmbar geworden, obwohl ich ├╝ber die Loop-Station alles selbst einspiele. Vor allem geht’s mir ja aber auch um die Texte – diese sind jeweils unter dem jeweiligen Lied zum Mitlesen hinzugef├╝gt.

Irgendwann kommen dann hoffentlich qualitativ h├Âherwertige Aufnahmen hinzu, f├╝r die dann mehrere Personen alles einspielen.

Bis dahin viel Freude beim Reinh├Âren ­čÖé

01 I found home in you

May the mother grant some mercy
Upon her children’s wings
May torn feathers serve as jewellery
May my music make you sing
And my drums, may they accompany you
Wherever you may chose
May our hearts always be open
And our eyes reflect the truth

And when you’ve earned your blessings
When you’ve danced the high and the low
When you’ve reached your destination
There’s always one more place to go
When your heart is beating so loud
In remembrance of my drums
You’ll know you can rest at ease
In the place we’ll call our home

I found home in you (2x)

And I know our paths will separate
For that is what paths do
In a landscape filled with wondrous things
And only so many clues
I hope you’ll remember I’ll be there
And somewhere down the line
Beyond the dark of uncertainty
Some light for you will shine

I found home in you (2x)

And I’ll be awaiting you somewhere soon
And then I’ll lead you to our place
For wherever you’ll keep roaming on
We’ll always find our space
Her the drumbeat fill the night so still
Go let your heartbeat be your guide
There’s no melody more beautiful
Than two hearts synchronized

I found home in you
Somewhere down the line
I found home in you
And I know we’ll be fine
I found home in you
What else do I need
I found home in you
Together we’ll be free

02 Love

Love – with open hearts and open doors

Love – will shine a light into your world
Love – the scars will heal, your armor fail
Love – when the mightiest river will break its way

We tried to bind its wings to the ground
We tried to rule out everything
And we told our children
It’s the only way

We tried to arm our eyes with darkness
We tried to arm our hearts with believe
And we told our children
Only trust yourself


We tried to lock it in, “relationships”
We tried to drag it through the dirt
And we told our children
That’s where it belongs

Tried to divide the “good” from the “sin”
Prayed to some god to save us from sin
But every child can tell you
Love is not

So love – with open hearts and open doors
Love – and shine your light into the world
Love – the scars will heal and your armor fail
Love – When the mightiest river will break your way

03 Julia

She walks up the road
Like there is no other one
Julia’s proud to be
The one eyes rest upon
Showing naked skin
She’s giving deep insights
Wondering why they never care
To kiss her lips goodnight

He takes Julia home
Shows his love in touching her
A girl’s gonna get laid tonight
Made sure she wasn’t sober
Her body starts to tremble
As he removes her clothes
It’s gonna be amazing
Like in her favourite TV shows

Crestfallen by the experience she sought
She’ll play a fool’s game for so long
With the help of illustrated magazines
She’ll spare no pains to get wrong

Julia, love is more than just a word
You’ve lived by definitions
You’ve imitated fairytales
Is this your happy end

Why should she care
About a boy like you
She can replace anyone
With an erotic glance or two
Now Julia’s found herself
A perfect profession
Buy her for a price
But love is out of question

She walks up the road
And she offers him a cut-rate fuck
He shakes his head and silently
Wishes her good luck
For it’s time to meet his girlfriend
In the abandoned parking lot
So innocent and beautiful
So glad of what they’ve got

Oh every passing man she’s ever fucked with
Turns into a memorial of her defeat
A misinterpretation of just one word
For love’s sake the circle will repeat

Julia, you say you’re doing it for love
Don’t try to play the innocent
You’ve lost your grace somehow
You’re no more beautiful than I

Julia, this time I carry more than food
Look, I’ve brought your old guitar along
Will you sit, and listen for a while
Like the child you used to be

What’s it like, to live low on the streets
Ain’t it cold outside beneath the winter sky
Look at the stars, and try to be like them
Oh Julia, you were too young

Julia, can you survive forever
In a body you hate
Or just for so long
So long my fallen sister
Even if you wake again
This ain’t your happy end
This ain’t your happy end
Where is your happy end?

04 Rooting

I always told you to stay free
For freedom’s the one thing that mattered to me
That I wouldn’t care so much
If I couldn’t feel your touch
Turns out I’m not the man I thought I’d be

You told me you loved me, but you’re free
You just kinda liked my company
And whatever means being apart
Who cares for lovers and their hearts
Turns out you’re not the woman you thought you’d be

For in our hearts we planted seeds
So that one day then we’ll have trees
Under them shadows we would rest
Watch the sunset knowing we were blessed

Now we uprooted every tree
In the name of freedom, can’t you see?
That which we planted, we must care for
And if we’re too unlearned, we should learn more
I wish to learn what we’re always running from

And so I thought I’d leave you all alone
You seemed quite happy running on and on
For after a while the pain will stop
When once again we’re going numb
And we’re just the man and the woman we used to be

Well I still want you to feel free
And yet I’d like you here with me
Perhaps our forest is no more
But you were the soil this seed’s been waiting for
Yeah you’re still the one I’m rooting for

05 Break down through

Run, my friend
Run from what hasn’t begun, my friend
Run from what isn’t to be
If it is just up to me

How odd, my friend
When there’s bleeding and yet there’s no blood, my friend
There’s a leaving, a draining, a hurt
Beyond possible words

And I do trust, my friend
It’s the reason I’m hoeplessly lost, my friend
Reborn to a world used to be
So relying on me

But I’ve seen an end, my friend
In a place where I couldn’t pretend, my friend
To know of that comforting source
Which may carry the worst

When it’s me, my friend
Naked and lost I can’t see, my friend
And I can’t seem to find my way home
The very idea of home, it is gone

So please teach me, my friend
Teach me there’s I heart I can reach for, my friend
That devoid of all form still remains
To call me by name

I’m long gone, my friend
As friend, as a lover, I’ve one request
And it’s time, to decipher the signs
That break up my mind, and my heart and my soul

And stay, instead
Stay through the pain and decay instead
Reconstructed by souls finally born
From what has been outworn

I do have trust, my friend
But I fear that it might not be enough, my friend
To stay through my own sacrifice
Using only these old eyes

So please lend me your eyes, my friend
Eyes that have seen beyond the skies, my friend
Eyes that saw circles to the end
And then see them start again

Oh how I long, my friend
For the day that I may feel reborn, my friend
When the dead and the dying may sleep
And all the circles complete

Until then run, my friend
Understand that it will have begun, my friend
And it will shed the skin and the tears
Of those many long years

I have trust, my friend
You will do what you think that you must, my friend
And you’ll teach me whatever you’ll choose
It sure will be of use

And we’ll meet again
And be calling us many more names ’till then
And be chipping away at our fears
To find we’re still here
Even after those years

06 When all is said and done

When all is said and done
And I’ve grown tired of the day
I guess there ain’t no use in sleeping
Ain’t no dreams to dream anyway

When all is said and done
And everyone’s gone home
The laughter’s but an echo now
Of shows taking place long ago

They say everyone’s a fool babe
I guess that we all are
Thinking I ain’t a liar
If I don’t lie to you

Now I’ve grown sick of acting
The show now has to end
For I’ve been taking every role
But the one they call the self

When all is said and done
I wipe that smile off my face
And as the curtain falls, I wonder
Where is my place now

When all is said and done
Will I still be on your mind
Or am I but a fool to you
A petty toy to pass some time

07 Raw

Ain’t you afraid
When raw power breaks the surface
And all your plans come to naught
To run through your fingers like dust
And with you to be the last barrier
That has to fall

It ain’t supposed to be easy
To tear down that wall of glass
Yet when a touch means everything
And the night calls out our names
We’re aloft
With joyous laughter

What is love, anyway
Can you explain it to a kid
Without some freakin’ movies?
And in honesty
Is there magic to be found
Apart from all the baggage?

Raw power in our souls
We both knew that it was there
Ahead awaits the afterglow
Of divine revelations earned to hard to let go
We dug too deep, and perhaps too fast
Divine ashes in our hands

I am so sick of talking
With the words all lost between the lines
I’d cry in every language
But the one you’d understand
And so
The silence persists

And as we tiptoe through the echoes of our lives
Where a single touch may breach the last facade
To leave us trembling, naked to the core
When will those songs be sung again

There’s a heartbeat in the distance
And a tune adding to mine
I attune my eyes to the brightest of lights
See our melodies entwine

08 The real me

And I’m flying right beside you
And I can’t believe my eyes
I’m as free as a newborn
My old self just died
Now it’s out of sight
And I can finally see
The real me

Well, was it hard work
Accumulating truth
Well, it was hard work
Letting go of the rules

Well, was it a heavy load
Carrying the truth
Well, only ’till you find out
How truth may carry you
And where truth may take you to


But, responsibility!
It comes with power, you see
So if there’s something you couldn’t do
Perhaps the task wasn’t meant for you

So, what about love?
That elusive dove
Can you believe in a warmth you’re feeling
Will you take it, will you leave it
Come on, come on


09 Learn to love

Why is there a part
That feels so very dark
Trust the light, he said, let it go
That dangerous shadow on your soul

Yes, there is a part (she said)
That feels so very dark
It’s the force that leads you astray
So someday you may find your own way

And learn to love the shadows in your soul
Learn to love the shadows in your soul
While the light can only guide you home
It’s the night that drives you farther on
And for love, you’ll need, more than setting suns
So learn to love the shadows in your soul

Sleep, darling sleep on, he said
Put all your faith in the dawn
For the killers dare not touch my sons
So sleep, darling sleep on

But do the stars fear the night
No only then they really shine their light
Does the flame know, she is dying
So why don’t you go send some sparks flying


10 Joyful choice

So this is the path that we have been granted
This is the path that was meant to be ours
This is the path that we never shall follow
For ours are the badlands you dare not explore

This is the womb in which all is forgiven
This is the night when the lions may sleep
This is the land where my roots will taste water
This is the song that my heart longs to sing

This is the wind that will change its direction
This is the torrent that draws you within
Beyond the destruction, the fires and the thunder
The eyes of the storm is the place where we’ll meet

11 Winds of emotion

She’s lost in the future
Climbs the mountains of the past
Knowing winds of emotion
Past the present cast

Rising high up to the mountains
Falling deep down to the ground
Blow the winds of emotion
No one knows how long they’ll last

Longing for salvation
Yet still bound by her desires
So with the winds of emotion
She’ll be laughing, she’ll be crying

She’s reached her destination
The void where souls spark from
Ain’t the world not just a playground
For young souls to play upon